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Thread: My poor AR192

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    Angry My poor AR192

    *Deep breath*
    I bought a 2014 AR192 from auction, the condition report listed that the motor ran and shifted. What they didn't describe was that it didn't run very well.
    After detailing the boat and charging the batteries, I starter the motor, and it was very rough and shaking. I shut it off immediately. The detailer works in the back of a retail marine center, so he asked the chief mechanic to come listen. He did not know much about jet motors, but said he would give it a listen. Fired it up again, and it was rattling and sounded horrible. Shut it off within 6-8 seconds. He asked me to start it 1 more time, I took out my phone wanting to film it, and all the motor would do is *click*. No crank.
    I've received all kinds of opinion, and general consensus is that it would cost almost as much for a complete engine swap as it would to repair this one (I suppose that it is possible, but damn!)
    Admittedly, I don't know Jack about engines other than fuel, air, and spark. Should I attempt repair, or replace the engine? If so, where do I find a replacement one? Cursory searches revealed few, and pricey results.
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    Welcome aboard Grand.Parkway!

    Those engines are tough. I seriously doubt that it needs to be replaced.

    Start with new spark plugs. Be careful, it's relatively common for plugs to break off it they've been over-tightened and or anti-seize was not used. Don't over-tighten the new plugs.

    Remember, if you run it on the hose, start the engine, THEN turn on the water. Turn off the water, THEN turn off the engine.

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    I found out from the previous owner that in the 2 years he owned it, he only had it in his possession for 72 hours.

    On its first outing with the dealer, it threw a rod. The dealer repaired it. Took about 6 weeks. On the 2nd outing after the repair, it performed poorly, only struggling to pull up his 5'10 200lb frame. He took it back to the dealer, who told him it had a "bad blower." He told them to fix it. He called months later, and was told he could pick it up in a week. He told them he was either leaving either his boat or something like it. The dealer went with him, and within a few minutes, it overheated. He was given a loaner for the rest of the season.

    At the end of the season, he decided to trade it in toward a brand new Larson. He asked what they planned to do, and the response was "Try to fix it, and if we can't, send it to auction."

    Guess they didn't fix it.

    @steve45 I own a couple 2008 GP1300R skis. Familiar with the flushing and winterization - just never encountered an engine that sounded as rough as this.

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    Well, that certainly changes things. I'd start with a compression test. Perhaps with the overheating it warped the head. I don't believe Yamaha has had much trouble with superchargers, but they use a clutch that gives problems.

    You might post this on

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    sink it now, it's cursed and at the moment the won't crank business give me pause.

    careful jump starting it and playing with fuel in such an enclosed area

    pull the plugs. if any are smashed, the engine needs a tear down.

    if not, crank the engine and see if turns. if it does, go with the compression test next

    obvious the dealers "service guys" didn't know too much about that particular powerplant.

    could be something as simple as a damaged jet pump...but well get there down the line

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    Its fixable. Hope you got a screaming deal at auction though. Doubt you will be running this season unless its super late in the year.

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    What’s the out come? Did you get it fixed?

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