I have an older ski I use for augmenting my fishing hobby. Thereís no rear step on it, and for those of you whom fish with a rear deck fishing gear rack, re-boarding can present a challenge in deep waters. Oh, and did I mention Iím a way long ways past from my athletic 20ís, with a bum knee from a previous injury.

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Enter the DIY step rope sling. I thought this up one day when handing on to my ski in 20+ ft of water after I had to bail over-board to clear a wad of seaweed from my intake grate at the tail end of a long day. Man I was tiredÖ hanging on to the side of the ski just wish I had a place to get one foot planted for a little boost up. As I said before, it doesnít help being an older heavier guy, and the rear swim deck blocked by my custom DIY pvc rack.

Basically, I took a section of PVC pipe and suspended it as a ďstepĒ from the ski. The best thing, is that itís so dang portable, I can hang it off from many locations and adjust the height accordingly. One of these pics demos it hanging off my steering neck for a side-boarding. Iíve equally re-boarded from the rear, hanging it of the grab rail. Simple to hang . . . just feed through the end loop. Need it shorter . . . tie another knot.

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The rope is one piece Ė doubled-up. The center is where I place the steel clip. From there, I fed it up through a center hole in the pvc, the feed each end out each side of the pipe. Next tie a square-knot just above to stabilize the step. Now, determine your desired total length, and tie another square knot. Cut/burn the ends Ė done.

The main reason for the lower stainless clip is for added weight and to permit a easy way to stow the rope-step as seen in 1st the pic.