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    Wave Venture 1100 - have my sleeves slipped?

    Hi, all.

    I'm a newcomer to GreenHulk. Thank you in advance for your help!

    My 1996 Wave Venture 1100 blew a head gasket earlier this summer. When I replaced the gasket, I noticed that the tops of the sleeves were a little below tops of the cylinders—less than a millimeter but definitely below. Have my sleeves slipped?

    After replacing the head gasket, it ran fine for a few hours. Last week, it lost compression on cylinder 2 again. I expect the gasket is gone. I'll probably pull the head tomorrow to confirm.

    My guess is that I need to pull the cylinders and level the sleeves with the tops of the cylinders.

    If anyone can provide some insight, I would really appreciate it!

    Thank you.

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    I think I found the answer to my question. The head gasket was blown on cylinder #2 and about to blow on cylinder #1. I checked the gap between the top of the aluminum cylinder and the top of the steel sleeve using a straight edge and a feeler gauge. On #1 and #2 (the ones that blew), the gap is ~.015". On cylinder #3 (the one that didn't blow), the gap is ~.007".

    From looking at pictures of cylinder sleeves online, I don't see how the sleeves can slip down. I assume the aluminum has distorted up. . . somehow

    I plan to pay a visit to the machine shop next week. I'll see if they can deck the cylinders assembly to level it. That should solve the head gasket leaks. While, I've got all apart, I might as well bore it, and drop in new pistons. That's my plan for now.

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    Quick update: I had the cylinder assembly decked and reassembled the engine with the original pistons, rings and cylinders. I ran a leak down test, and all cylinders had low leak rates. I ran the ski on Sunday, and it ran perfectly! There was a steady stream of water out the pee hole. I think I'm good, but I do wonder how the cylinder sleeves got below the top of the cylinder body. I'm going to cross my fingers that it doesn't happen again.

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    I have in 30 years of pwc repair and never heard of a sleeve slipping! shit they have to be bored out and pressed in but guess anything possible! Hell I once got a bikini top out of a jet pump
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    A bikini top? That's nothing. I've pulled a whole beach towel and presumeably all the carpet from one of the trailer bunks, lol!!

    OP, just be thankful you found a real machinist! None of the shops within 100 miles of me can even install a sleeve!! I've seen a few that had dropped in a little. I use a large flat file on every surface I can, then rub on some 240 wet sandpaper on a sine plate. Heads and exhaust manifolds are almost always a bit untrue!

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    May have a possible answer for you. In talking with the sleeve manufacturer today as i am doing a re sleeve on my Polaris right now. He mentioned the following:
    1) Heating the cylinder to 400 degrees in an oven for about an hour would expand the cylinder about .006 in.
    2) Cooling the sleeve in the freezer would shrink the sleeve about .002 in.

    The sleeve should slip right in but be quick about aligning as things will set up quickly.

    He mentioned to make sure that when the Sleeve is put in that it stay in a press while cooling or else it could rise a small amount. This in turn would be shaved off by a machine shop as per normal to get a flat surface and that could lead to the sleeve appearing to slip down. This in turn could lead to all kinds of issues such as blown head gaskets and worse.

    Hope this helps!

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