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    SLT 780 - wonít start or crank but bulge pump working..

    So Iíve had my ski day in the garage all winter and we are now getting round to using it. Admittedly I didnít winterise it but started it no problems in the spring and flushed it for a while.

    However today day I wanted to get the ski ready to head out for a bit of fun with the family and I couldnít get it to start or do anything. No clicking etc, no noise whatsoever! I thought it was a flat battery but the bilge pump works when I press the button.. I took the battery out and tested it. Itís sitting at 9.88.. would this just be the issue and replacing it will sort things or will I be looking at other issues?

    its just strange that it started in the spring no problems and not now..
    any help will be greatly received!

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    9.88 isn't anywhere near enough to start that engine.

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    Is that why it’s not even attempting to start or make a noise? What battery should I be going for for this? I would charge it but I would rather put a new one in so I know it’s fresh!
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