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    Buying My First Waverunner Tomorrow (Hopefully)

    Well I have been browsing and reading here for a bit and I am hoping to pick up a 2009 FX Cruiser SHO tomorrow, it appears super clean, has 100 hours, trailer, OEM cover etc...

    anything particular I should watch out for while looking and test driving?

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    Make sure it has clean oil after ride, makes 7500rpm on the water and pulls hard look for hull damage (scuffs a scrapes are ok) but no dodgy repairs or big cracks or chunks. Motor is very reliable just need regular (annually minimum) oil and filter changes, make sure filter isn’t rusty and oil nice and clean.

    Lift off the seat and storage tub have a good look a little water in bilge is normal but lots of water or oil isn’t, bilge pump should be under storage tub you should hear it when unlocking ski (make sure it has at least one remote fob that works) . On the dash press and hold the hours/volts and speed rpm for 10 seconds to check for fault codes as long as it shows 01 all is ok there may be stored codes

    The test ride will tell you the most try and take a buddy who knows skis as a newbie at WOT on an SC ski isn’t ideal

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    Great info, didn't know how to check for codes. I know it will be a lot of power for my first ski but I have been boating and running fast sleds for a long time, I currently ride a modded Sidewinder in the winter, I was first thinking an HO but I have never bought something and regretted buying the big motor where buying small I know I would upgrade quickly and that always cost money in the long run. I will get used to it before I hold it down for long.... most likely!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HDAV View Post
    ...hard look for hull damage (scuffs a scrapes are ok) but no dodgy repairs or big cracks or chunks. ...
    Tripped across this sorta recent thread searching for another and all good advice but, the quote above strikes a deep chord within me as, in DEC, 2018 I ordered a brand new 2019 pwc from the only real Kawasaki dealer in Hickory, NC and, only because I needed to measure the underside to set up my trailer bunks, found one HELLUVA CHUNK missing off and out of the rear most portion of the lowermost chine. We’re talking way through MANY outer LAYERS and deep, DEEP into the hull!

    This was an immediate RED FLAG as it combined with a previous (year earlier) experience (paid a kings ransom full retail for an extra Yama fob AND $ to have it programmed only to find out it never got programmed!)

    Well, that “red flag” “CAUGHT ON FIRE” when the sales mgr nonchalantly flipped, “Eh, we’ll just send it out (to a local shop) and get it fixed ...

    Maybe for someone else! But, definitely not for a repeat customer who ordered the ski in question at full retail (just to avoid a bunch of b.s. at Delivery)

    They just DO NOT GET IT! (“It” being the fact customers walking around with 5-futures cash to drop can buy, “4 sparks and a gas tank” anywhere. WHAT MAKES THE DEAL is a Service Department, staff and management that can be TRUSTED!)

    And, ”It” being the fact SOMEONE (more than likely, some BODIES) KNEW ABOUT THAT MAJOR DAMAGE AND DID NOT MENTION IT.

    That tells me there is a CULTURE there I try to avoid when paying strangers to handle or service $10,000 to $20,000 toys!

    (That was later confirmed by a former employee: “sh*t happened on the forklift” quite frequently there ... freaking sad, man)

    So, instead of buying 20mins from our house and dock (which woulda been sweet!) we wound up driving over 2-hours round trip to buy from another dealer with MUCH better “vibes” coming off the entire Service Dept - from the newest, lowest rookie tech all the way up to the Srvc Dept Mgr. (THAT dealership Mgr GETs IT!)

    Moral of the Story: Never be blinded by the bright reflections of the overhead showroom lighting on shiny new fiberglass - get down on the floor and under a machine and then all around and inside it with a bright light! (And if your “gut is talking to you” about any of the Service Dept ... LISTEN to your gut!)

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