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    1995 750 SLT Snorkel intake modification and triple output fuel pump install

    This has been a two year project as I have not had a lot of time to mess with this ski. This ski when I purchased it had the single outlet fuel pump and snorkel intake. I purchased the modern type flame arrestor and oilers plate. It said in the instructions to increase the the main jets in the carburetor and I did that.

    I see gas dripping in the one of the carbs so I performed a pop off and it was ok. It will run and rev on trailer but bog in the water.

    The one thing I cannot find is how to set the carburetors. These are the factory setting:
    750 - Low Speed – 1/2
    High Speed – 1m, 1/2c, 3/4p

    I am thinking it has to be more set to my 1997 780slt with the triple pump and modern spark arrestor.

    There use to be a pdf of all the factory settings for all the polaris models but I cannot find it now.

    Does anybody know what the correct carb settings should be after this mod?

    Here is the link I followed.
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