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    1995 GTX no spark

    Hello, I am sure this has been answered countless times, but my limited search results keep bringing up the new spark model.

    A friend gave me a 1995 SeaDoo GTX (651) which suddenly shut off on them 5 years ago and they just parked it. All my PWC experience had been on Polaris and Kawasaki.

    So far I have installed fresh battery, checked compression which is good. It has no spark. Went through the SeaDoo list of things to check. Kill and starter switches are good. Checked other items with Ohm meter. Also swapped the MPEM and coil with known good ones. Still no spark. The magneto is not grounded out. My question is on the magneto. It's main purpose is charging the battery, but doesn't it also provide the timing for the CDI to spark correctly? Is there any other way to check if the magneto is good or bad beyond the Ohm test?

    It seems like if the other parts check out, then the magneto is the culprit. Would like to make sure before replacing.

    I will get to the carbs and fuel lines once I can get spark.


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    you need to check the trigger coil, which often comes loose and is destroyed, there are also connections for the "alternator", which doesn't signal the spark.

    do an advanced search for two stroke sections only, that will give you betterer results

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