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    Need help with Challenger 1800 cavatating badly...

    We just can`t figure it out: new pump neoprene seals, new wear rings, new skat props, rebuilt pump, one pump housing brand new with all new shaft and bearings and seals, everything put together right and adjusted right.
    First 20 minutes boat runs and hooks up good, we slowed down to turn around and cavatation started, could not get up on plane even with 787`s reving to 7000 r`s, so high idled back to ramp, pulled boat thinking we were going to see tons of eel grass jambed in the pumps, but NOOOO, what the H could it be???
    could bad carbon seals cause cavatation?...PR...

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    could be worn. My guess is engine alignment. I would pull it apart, and
    check alignment and motor mounts, and carbon seals. The rubber boot
    wears down, taking pressure off the carbon ring. Sometimes you can ajust
    it a little. Good Luck!

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    Paulie I think your right in what you say. Im just gonna replace the intire driveline. Im done fucking around. Its 9 years old. What the hell the motors run strong.Pale Rider and I. Well I should say Pale Rider did a tit job on the install. Now it has to come all apart again. So Im just gonna replace everything even the driveshafts.
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    no sweat Lenny , we`ll get it done ...PR...

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