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    Can I Use NGI display instead of original MFD 1997 780 SLT

    I have a 1997 780 SLT with a dead MFD. Can I use an NGI type display from a 2004 MSX 110 ( 12 pin , no Oil level , turbo) by matching the wiring ? Will the 1/4 amp fuse be ok with this type display ? I would just connect the temperature, fuil level, and tachometer

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    Somewhere I linked/listed all the wire colors and fuctions for each Polaris display type.

    Might be a text file attached/linked from the MFD/MFI/NGI web page in there.

    The NGI display as used on the 4-stroke models does not have an oil level function but the other basic functions will wire up and work.

    The MGI display from the MSX 140 does have an oil level function.

    The 1/4 amp fuse is probably fine.

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