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    Trixx Slower after Pump Rebuild

    Pump went bad and it was rebuilt at the dealership. When it went bad the ski wouldnt idle, I guess because of the resistance of the bad bearings. I didnt realize it but the pump had developed a whine and now it sounds great and ski runs great. But the ski is definitely running 2 mph slower, I even "raced" my other Spark to test it.

    Anybody know a reason for this? Should they have replaced the wear ring when they put the pump in so that it mates properly? Is the pump tight and maybe loosen up?

    I am not really concerned about the 2mph but I wonder if it is a sign of a bigger issue. I hate to take it back to the dealer and say "hey it is running perfect but it is 2 mph slower"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gibbs44 View Post
    ...Should they have replaced the wear ring when they put the pump in so that it mates properly?
    Hey, Gibbs! Still like totally new to the sport and doing nothing but learning; however; I’d be surprised if they did change the wear ring if it doesn’t show up on your invoice AND I’d certainly wager that’d cost a mph or two (although it’s clearance with the impeller and not the pump that is critical, right?)

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