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    Will ECU's swap?

    Howdy gurus. I have 2x'99 GP1200s, stock. One was running pretty good the other had a miss I hadn't really looked into. Anywho, the good runner all of a sudden dropped rpm and when throttled down would sometimes catch and pick back up but had that brrrrrt sound of being down a cylinder. Broke out the spark checker and low- and-behold, neither had JACK for spark. Had to narrow gaps to 1/4" or less to see ANYTHING and then it was pitiful and weak on both rigs. So, now I'm searching for parts. My question is, will a PV motor ECU, 66v I think, work with my 65U? Skis are @ my son's now, 2 hrs away, so I have to make a road trip to work on them. Are coils or anything interchangeable? Thanks in advance.

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    I looked up part numbers for the different motors and it looks like there is nothing that is interchangeable. Bummer, there's lots more GPR parts than the limited run GPs.

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