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    Aquatrax F12X - no flow from pilot nozzle but no overheating?

    hey there,

    Took the aquatrax out yesterday and once I was out on the water noticed I wasn't getting flow out the pilot nozzle. Figured I was about to overheat but since I'd just driven an hour to get in the water I stuck around near the launch and ran for an hour off and on without it getting hot so it must have been water cooling somehow?

    Took it home and there's no water coming out of the pilot nozzle on the hose either, which makes me think it must be later in the system. I've checked all the hoses.. no loose connections. Checked the one way valve as well.

    Could it just be a clog at the very end to the pilot nozzle itself and all the cooling water is exiting through the muffler?

    If it had overheated, this would be making a lot more sense to me.


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    and I was right... took the pilot nozzle line off the t-valve, blew some compressed air through and pushed out a couple pieces of seaweed.

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    Had the same problem once but with leaves. Never overheated but was clogged up.

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