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    IBR not working. Beeping and IBR light flashing.

    2018 trixx. Ok So I just installed a new impeller and stainless wear ring. I took it out for 2 hours after I installed it. It was running great. Took it home. Rinsed our the inside of the engine compartment and then let it sit for a week. Went to take it out yesterday and the ski barely moves. The IBR bucket is stuck down and the IBR just beeps and the ski barely moves at all. At first I thought i mightíve messed up my driveshaft from taking out the pump and reinstalling but I donít think that would trip the IBR sensor. I donít think itís the acuator because it was working fine last time I rode it and it wouldnít just break from sitting in the garage. Iím thinking it has something to do with wiring. I think I might of got a wire connection wet when I rinsed out the inside of the ski. I checked the loose battery connections and it was fine. Does the IBR connect directly into one of the ECU connections? I know one is for the main wiring harness and Iím guessing the other one is for IBR? It could be that connection or it could be the one on the actuator itself. And that one is a pain to get to. You have to remove the whole IBR acuator to access the connector. Anybody have any idea? I just replaced the battery about a year ago.

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    Just ordered a used IBR actuator off a 2015 spark for $330 off eBay. I really hope it works
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    Never mind I figured out it was a corroded wire right at the fuse box that goes to the IBR. So happy I figured this out

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    Wow, gotta love a solid ending; thumbs up, man!

    Im guessing you ride in salt water? (That’s pretty quick corrosion)

    Again, glad you got it figured out (that’d drive me crazy (and that’s already a pretty short trip! )

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    Yes pretty much strictly salt water rider as I live on the east coast of Florida. But yeah man I’m so happy that it was only a wire. I thought I was gonna have to spend some money to fix this problem but glad it all worked out. I just cut out the corroded part of the wire and soldered a little jumper wire and then taped the shit out of it with electrical tape. It’ll probably corrode again thru the tape but that will just buy me some more time before I have to buy a whole new wire harness lol

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    I love slotmachine Seadoo😂😂😂😂😂😂

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