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Thread: 89.6mph @ MBIII

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    89.6mph @ MBIII

    Awesome job Ben!

    Now figure out that buck and join the 90mph club!


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    Nice job Ben. Way to keep working on it.

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    good job ben

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    Very close Ben,nice goin for being under the gun and jammed up at the last minute Very respectable,theres no shame to your game! The difference in top speed numbers damn near coulda a been a wind gust

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    Thanks guys. And a very big thanks to Steve (H204you)
    for sending me a set of pistons and carbs for my boat the week before
    mudbug. Two times out and no tunning and we still got good
    speeds. I had a problem with the buck and could only make a
    half pass on each run. We know how to fix that problem, we
    just ran out of time getting everyone's boat ready to go. Jerry's
    boat is flying and it was nice to take it for a spin. It will only
    get faster. I could see me making a 95 mph pass on his boat with
    just a few changes. For people wanting to go big bore I have
    a lot of info you should hear before you make your decision, I think
    you would be happy with the new setups that will be available
    in the single and triple boats. Its even possible now to run 90 mph
    on a 1300 triple pipe boat. Time for some rest and sleep. Its been
    a hard week. It was nice to meet everyone, a lot of new faces
    and friends. Everyone have a safe trip home. Ben

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    Very nice #s Ben, on a 1300 to.......glad everyone had a good time...

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    Quote Originally Posted by peteshauling View Post
    Very nice #s Ben, on a 1300 to.......glad everyone had a good time...
    he was running the 1500

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    Way to go ben very impressive numbers.. We will ride soon I hope

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    Good job Ben!!!

    That would be well over 90 with a break in air temps. Don't know what hey were on Saturday but it was 98 air temp and 92 water temp on Sunday.

    Whats the next project or goal??
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