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    That’s because of the slow intake grate. I have a 17, ribbon delete, intake, fizzle, dunno about prop, cooling line add, 93 tune. I’m 255lbs and she runs 85 in 90 degree heat.
    FZ is the same set up and does 84, and FX does 82.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K447 View Post
    Removing the ‘ribbon’ flame arrestor disc from the plastic manifold (2018 onwards SVHO) it is unclear (to me) whether there is an actual performance gain to be had, even with a Stage 1 tune.

    Pay attention to the details with the MaptunerX tunes. Stage 1, Stage 1 Low Octane, and Stage 1 PLUS are different tunes.

    My understanding is that the basic Stage 1 tunes are only for (SVHO) engines with all the stock air intake equipment. When you change/upgrade the air intake then you are looking at Stage 1 Plus tunes.

    Update: Apparently the ribbon disc can become dislodged and even work loose and be drawn into the engine intake valves, even on a stock engine with the plastic intake manifold. 147778

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