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    New to Yamaha

    I'm looking into purchasing the VX Deluxe (actually 2) what's a good price for two ski's and a good price on a double trailer???
    Also how is the extended warranty and what price should I pay???
    These are going to be family rides with the wife and two teen daughters so I want something safe and reliable.

    How much are you guys paying for insurance???

    Thanks SO much for your info!!!!! Hope to catch ya'll on the water soon!!

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    In the past these guys have always had REALLY good prices so you could prob get an idea from that:

    Extended warranty shouldn't be needed with these skis.

    Insurance is typically 200 - 300 per ski per year.

    Also if you're able, I'd be tempted to look @ the Sea-Doo GTI SE and the Kawasaki STX-12F... both similar prices and both would be cheap to operate and reliable.

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    The MSRP on the vx deluxe is $7995. If you can pick it up for $7300 each,youre in pretty good shape.The dealer generally pays about $1100 less than msrp. Some are looking for the entire profit, others are looking to move more skis and will settle for a $500-$600 profit.

    When i bought my 06 1300. The msrp was $9299. I bought it for $8600. Dealer told me he paid $8100. He is a high volume dealer. Sold over 50 1300's last summer.

    The extended warranty. Yamahas msrp on that is close to $1000 for 4 years extended.5 total with factory 1 year. I paid $590, which at that time was good last summer.

    This year, yamahas incentive to buy is a 4 year extended for $316,until 7/31/07 Thats a great deal. For $79/year, the repairs are thier problem. Labor rates are usually $75-$80/ for 1 hour labor price,the entire repair is thier problem.

    The double trailer, they can range from $1200 up to about $2000, depending on brand.$1200 to $1400 is the norm. Dealer may come down since youre buying 2 skis and the trailer.

    The Vx deluxe or cruiser is a good STARTER ski. it performs as well as the FXHO's,but it is detuned. The guys i ride with. One has a VX deluxe, it gps' at 53 mph. when we hit smooth water. hes the guy in the back of the pack, another has an fxho cruiser, he gps' at 59, with the occasional 60mph.

    My 1300 is stock motor with a few bolt on parts underneath. Im just at 70. On smooth water, they cant hang with me. In 2-3 ft chop.they run right through it while my spine is being compacted after the first 50 ft and 30 rollers.

    So, IMO...know what you want before you buy...After you buy it, theyre not economically worth trying to make faster. It would be cheaper to just buy the fxho(at least the adult ski) The Vx is perfect for a teenager.falling off at 53mph still hurts, but not as bad as 65+.

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