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    Anyone Add An Oil Pressure Gauge Or Warning Light? (STX-12F Problem)

    The digital display on my STX-12F is FUBAR. My last ski (a Yamaha 700) had no display at all except a flashing oil pressure light, so I am used to no speedometer or fuel gauge. But I worry about running the ski w/o oil pressure monitoring. Anyone add a simple device to existing sensor on engine block? Thanks!!!

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    welcome abaord GH, wiring up a buzzer to sound when the oil pressure switch is showing no pressure shouldn't be too difficult.

    Somebody will have to come up with the characteristics of the switch however, it is closed when there is no oil pressure, or open?

    a 12v pizo buzzer is suggested

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    simple enough,
    just tee a car oil light style switch where the current switch is and wire it up to a bulb ............ via a 12v ignition feed from the coils.......

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    Just had the gauge on our 07 STX-12F replaced. $1050 parts and labor. Feel your pain. The new gauge says we have zero hours now so I’m going to call the dealer who performed the repair to see if it can be corrected. Is your ski now stuck in SLO mode? Im told if the gauge goes out completely, you’ll have a very very slow ski. Cool idea about the warning light. Good luck and post pics of you figure it out.

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    Speaking of gauges; is there any way to get a warning BEFORE you melt a piston, like a cylinder head temp gauge maybe?

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    It happens fast, you'd never see it. You would really need an annunciator-type panel that would shut it down automatically.

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