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    Arrow Asking for help via Private Message

    I often receive Private Messages via GreenHulk asking for assistance with someoneís watercraft.

    While it is my inclination to help, I prefer that people create a new thread and post their questions in the appropriate forum on GH.

    Not only does a forum thread allow others to read and contribute to the diagnostics process for that specific situation, the posted information is available to anyone else who happens to read the thread. Either right away or perhaps much later, even years afterwards.

    So you get help from more people, and others can benefit from finding and reading about it.

    Some tips;

    Please do not use short forms for model years. It is much easier to search for 2001 or 1997 than to wade through every search result that might include the digits 01 or Ď97

    Include the full model year, model name, and engine designation. Donít make us guess/remember/look up which engine(s) your particular model came with twenty years ago.

    If it is a Virage or Genesis model, does it have Ficht fuel injection or carburetors?

    If the engine or other things are no longer completely stock, tell us.

    Provide as much of the machine history as you can. How long you have owned it, and whether it has ever worked properly for you.

    What is the service history?

    What diagnostics have you done so far?

    Have you read through the information found here?

    And here?

    See you on the forums

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    Thank you for the info,

    How do you write a new thread ? I'm trying to figure that out !

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    you'll find the start new thread button when you are in a specific forum section

    and ditto on what K447 stated regarding about PM's asking for help.

    I prefer having information available to all forum members and problems tend to repeat themselves

    it's also worth mentioning that when you actually solve a problem with the help of the forum its a big help to everybody if you post your results

    so others can find and apply the solutions to their issues.

    The first time I ran into a Polaris TPS issue, the Polaris section prepared by K447 helped me identify and resolve the problem in no time at all.

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