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    Unhappy 2015 RXTX 260 Cutting out issues...

    On my 3rd dealer, still cutting out. Sport and regular mode. Feels like it flutters around 3K rpm and when it gets up to 7K cuts Out and drops to 6K. Then it will climb after I play with the throttle. Feels like itís not getting fuel, bad injectors? Under warranty, and canít get over 50 mph. Anyone had similar issues? What could it be? Drive shaft, clear of debris, 93 octane only, 52 hrs.

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    Plugs are good. Gapped at .030

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    I have the same symptoms as you're describing on a 2014 RXTX (37 hours) with no codes shown, I ended up pulling the hose off the air intake at the engine to the intercooler and started it up on the hose and water was pissing out that hose when I revved the engine. I put a new intercooler in but I haven't got it back in the water yet so Im not 100% sure that's even my problem. Just something you could check. I also bought a new MATS, I have the new style "blue" sensor from the factory but Ive read that when those sensors get wet they are no longer any good and Im not sure if they mean the old green sensor or the new style blue sensor. Im not going to install the new sensor until I run the ski

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    Check intercooler.

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    Let me know how it does. Can you post videos on here? Idk how.

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    What is a MAT? Or Map sensors?

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    MAT sensor is the manifold air temperature sensor, MAP is manifold air pressure sensor

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