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    High rpm and slow speed

    Hello, I have a 2008 sea doo speedster 150 215. I was out on the lake this past weekend with a full boat (2 guys and 2 girls with total body weight around 680 estimated). I was a little worried with how the boat would hold up being right around the max weight rating, but it seemed to drive just fine and got on a plane pretty quick.

    I didn't get on it too hard, because of all the extra weight and stress on the engine, so I kept it around half throttle most of the time. Took it out with just me and one other to rip on it a bit and all seemed well still. As the day went on, I let my friend take over and he noticed it was high rpm but only showing about 15-25 mph on speedo. He held it at full throttle and speed started to climb higher, but it seemed to take a long time and never really got out of the high 30s. This was with everyone in the boat too. I took over a bit, and it might have just been in my head after him telling me, but it seemed a bit slower than earlier when I first started the day with a full boat. It still would get on a plane pretty quick, but at times I would see 5,00-6,000 rpm and only 15mph right when it got on a plane. Eventually I'd see higher speeds, but it still seemed low for how high the rpms were. By myself I'd see about a top speed of 46mph at 7800rpm on the guages (GPS speedo reading 55/56 mph).

    I just put my new supercharger back in prior to taking it out that day that was rebuilt by PwC muscle. Looked up in the intake side and jet pump side, and the wear ring and impeller look to be good with no chips or anything stuck in there. No unusual sound, feeling, or smoke coming from engine. We did take on quite a bit of water prior (had a wave come over the bow) that the bildge pump was working as best as it could to get out.

    Could it just have been from all the weight and water/humidity in the bilge killing power? Maybe i am just imagining it and being paranoid? I am hoping to get it out again this weekend and see how it runs with just myself, and if it is still doing it. Is there anything else I should be looking at to just make sure everything is good before I go back out?

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    The extra weight will certainly slow you down, but if the engine is revving and the speed is not climbing then you likely have a worn out wear ring. If you are still using the stock plastic wear ring I highly recommend you upgrade to the stainless steel wear ring, it will last the life of your boat. Also, upgrade your pump seal!

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    It was able to build speed. Just the mph seemed low for where the rpms were. It eventually picked up speed and got into the 20s and low 30s on the dash (probably 30s-40mph on gps). Just still seemed low for the rpms.

    I'll keep wear ring in the back of my mind. Especially if it's still doing it when I can get it out with a lot less people. Probably wouldn't hurt to change it soon anyways. Mine still looked to be decent, but I don't believe the owner before me ever changed it, so who knows.

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