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Thread: NC relocation?

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    NC relocation?

    SO who all lives there and do you guys like it? Ive been pondering thsi though for quite some time now. What do you guys say?

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    North Carolina where?

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    Im not really sure yet somewhere near the ocean or a lake. Any recomended places?

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    Well Camden county is where I live and I wouldn't be anywhere else. Close to both fresh and salt water. all the places you ever want to ride and some of the greatest people you ever want to meet. Currituck is the county next to Camden and same over there. If you like to do things outdoors and especially on the water it's the place to be.
    Both counties are are close to the Hampton Roads area of Va also so a trip to Va beach isn't a bad one. karl

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    Ill deff look into that. My other thing is a job my company doesnt have any facilities out that way. I have 5 years of automotive background with a associates in automotive management and I also have 5 years of cooking experience, I was Head cook @ a steakhouse and the districts grill trainer I dunno if that would help out anywhere but its a shot id say!

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    Well I'll be honest most places in my part of Carolina doesn't pay all that well but as I said depending on where you are here and how far you are willing to drive to work Va is very close. Anywhere from 20 to 40 miles (chesapeake, norfolk and va beach) and I am sure you can find something there. The next closest town is Elizabeth City or some of the small towns down on the outer banks. But the outer banks are mostly vacation homes so anything there would probably be seasonal. Hope this helps. If you have more questions you can post it here or drop me a PM and I'd be glad to help, Karl

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    I appericate it man!! Ive been stuck in Indiana too long!!!

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