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    2010 Yamaha FZS handlebar grips

    I have a 2010 Yamaha FZS and Iíve been dealing with the stock grips for way too long. They could be manageable if Yamaha didnít imprint their name in the rubber 3 times around the grip.... overall, they are extremely un-comfortable and almost painful after long hours of riding.
    so Iíve been searching on the forum and found some older threads that seemed to not have great reviews of the aftermarket grips but they were also several years old. Iím wondering if anyone knows of any decent grips available. I didnít see any at RIVA racing. Ideally I really like the shape of the sea-doo grips but I definitely prefer the mechanicals of the Yamaha.

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    Blowsion has the most colorful ODI grips for standup skis, most bars are 7/8" for the superjets, though i am not sure, they should fit, we have ODI grips on our 14 Vx. What I am interested in too is the new GP and FX grips, i wonder if we can find those, those are really comfy and put those on an FZR

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