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    Ultra 150 intake mod explanation

    Hello everyone. Iíve owned a lot of ultra 150s but I recently acquired one that had been modified by group k. I believe it was a stage 2 build at one point. Over the years it looks like some hacks and other improper things were done that led to its current state. As I was tearing it down I noticed this mod done to the intake. I would like to know what this achieves and why this is done. It looks like the link between the mag and pto is gone and each inner passage is plugged. I am using parts from this ski and another to build a triple piped ultra 150. Any guidance is appreciated.

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    Yes, Group K did that to prevent High RPM lean on modified ski's
    According to them with the crossovers, the carbs would go lean after a few seconds at WOT, leading to burnt pistions.
    Here is the link to why they did it, down under "inlet manifolds"

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    I have one of those intakes to put non CV Polaris carbs on my Ultra.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raven007 View Post
    I have one of those intakes to put non CV Polaris carbs on my Ultra.
    Did you use the 40mm or 38mm Polaris carbs? And would you mind sharing your jetting specs?

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