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    07 RXP Engine Rebuild - Need parts advice

    Bought my first 4TEC recently, a 215hp 07 RXP, with engine in a million pieces. Price was right and Iím no stranger to full engine builds. But this is my first 4TEC, so Iíd like to lean on yíall for some 4TEC wisdom (besides using the search button).

    So hereís what Iím up to. Want to build the thing stock, but Iíll port the head in the process. Want to bulletproof what needs bulletproofing, while itís all apart. Will be rec riding on the rivers and inland lakes around here, nothing exotic. What I know so far is:

    1) Block needed bored due to pitting in the cylinders. Bought new pistons off of eBay thinking they were WSM, but in fact they are no-name OEM knock-offs (but still pretty nice 2618 alloy forgings....I did a test at work to confirm the alloy). Block is done from machine shop and itís 0.5mm oversized now.

    2) Crank and oil pumps look great after inspection. Iíll be ordering standard bearings and verify clearances throughout. New rod bolts on the way.

    3) Previous owner had a clean up pass done on the head, then reassembled. Iím disassembling again to clean because it got dusty, lap valves to my liking, new valve stem seals, and reassemble.

    4) Supercharger looks great and appears to have been rebuilt at one time. Has metal washers. Iíll probably put new washers in and might rebuild just to be sure. Definite on washers, TBD on rebuild.

    OK hereís where my questions come in:

    5) I know timing chains break, mine appears to be good, but I want to put a new one in, along with chain guides. Is this an OEM-only deal? Aftermarket chains junk? Or whose chain should I get? Iím not gonna trip over the dollar to pick up the penny. I want the best chain available. Thoughts?

    6) Are head bolts the only TTY bolts that need replacing? Or also main cap bolts? I know I need to order the latest version flywheel bolts.

    7) Are aftermarket gasket sets worth a hoot in a stock rebuild?

    Thanks for any advice yíall can throw at me.

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    Only go with OEM or IWIS timing chain. Head bolts, rocker arm bolts, and rod bolts are TTY. You can reuse the main cap /case bolts. I would also only go with OEM head gasket. AM gaskets are fine for the PTO gasket and others.

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    Cool. I got an OEM chain and ARP rod bolts on order, as well as the other TTY bolts, and an AM gasket set. Will pick up head gasket separately.

    One last question on head gaskets: I see a “JSP” head gasket supposedly made in Florida, not offshore. Anyone ran that? Otherwise I’ll get OEM...

    Thanks again,

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    You only need 2 gaskets....pto...and head

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