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    Intermediate housing rebuild

    Any advice on replacing intermediate housing bearings
    on 2014 fzs u have to pull motor
    to remove housing.wondering how hard of a job this is
    any advice would b great thanks

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    It's a somewhat time consuming job being that you have to move the motor to remove the shaft assembly. No you don't have to completely remove the motor though. Pull the pump then move the motor off the engine mounts and use a hoist to lift and slide the motor forward. The housing will then be able to be twisted around and out. Sorry I don't have a step by step but if you run into anything let me know and I will try and help.

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    Can't speak from experience about the SVHO motor. But on the MR-1 motor, I just had to remove the 4 motor mount bolts, then disconnect the exhaust coupling. No hoist was needed. Just slide the motor forward until it is just barely resting on the motor mounts. The mid-shaft assembly came out with just a little maneuvering.

    How many hours on your ski? Are you sure you need to replaced the bearings? I've seen skis with over 400 hours with no bearing problems. The more common issue is for the shaft splines to corrode, such that they no longer grip the pump shaft.

    If it's just a matter of proper maintenance, this is a job that's better left for the off season. Sometimes, the motor mount bolts are tough to get out, and it's a real pain if you have a broken motor mount.

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    Thanks I have 230 hrs on ski,it started grinding in that area and sounds like the bearings are shot
    havent had time yet to do a through inspection but I think it’s the bearings

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    Aside from moving the engine forward to get it out, the midshaft is pressed out of the bearing housing. But before one can press, you remove the coupler flange - which requires a mid-shaft spline holder & coupler wrench.
    It's not a difficult job, no ... time consuming yes, specialty tools yes.

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    It wasn't correct but I used a four way lug wrench centered on the coupler to grab four of the points and then used the driveshaft to hold the other end with a strap wrench around it and then into a vice. But the shaft comes out from the threaded end so you don't really even have to remove the coupler if you aren't replacing the shaft which I was.

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