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    Bad Gas Fixes? Maybe? HELP

    Been fighting for a few weeks to get everything running good and have failed greatly. Quick run down:

    1997 Kawasaki 1100 STX
    2001 Kawasaki 900 STS
    2 - WaveRunner 3's - 650

    Two Kawa skis would not get going good on first rides out. 900 ran like a champ last year, so I figured carbs after sitting up all winter. 1100 was new to me, so I figured carbs as well. Clean carbs did not help.

    For example, mash gas on 900, you get 6800 RPM, and before you plane out, it drops to 5500 and will not get out of its own way. Sometimes it comes and goes. I know the power is there, just can not get it. Ran great last year. 1100 is basically same issue, ran WAO a couple times, then drops back down.

    After all the carb work, nothing. Friend said possibly bad gas, old gas, water in gas from ethanol, or combination of all three. Cleaned carbs, adjusted pop off, drained tank, new 90 Octane Ethanol Free gas, no change. Same response. Both Skis. 1100 may have seen 37 max today. 30-34 mph consistanly.

    650s, same issues. one ran like crap, now will not start back. New gas, clean carb, whole shebang. All systems good except maybe battery weak and plugs fouled. Second 650 started acting up today. It has not been drained yet, thought it was good. Guess not.

    What am I missing? Carbs good, gas good, filters good. I need some help or 4 for sale signs. I know the 900 will hit 47-50 mph, it did last year. 1100 should roll, but the 650s are faster (When they run)

    Help please

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    Might not be the solution to all of your problems, but the Kawi 1100 sounds like a problem I had years ago with mine. The spark plug wires get frayed at the ends and don't conduct enough juice to make a good spark. Pull the blue boot, cut the wire back about 1/2 inch, then re-install the boot.

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    New plugs coming. Will trim those as well.

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    Anybody got anything else?

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    Have you inspected the pumps on either one yet? I doubt that is the issue but still a good idea to inspect them every year anyways. If the bearings are really bad it could be causing excessive drag on the motor.

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    Since it happened after winter storage, I would think it's a fuel problem. Have you checked the fuel filter? Have you pulled the screens in the tank? I remove those and replace them with rubber hose of comparable length. I assume you checked the internal filters inside the carbs, right?

    What happens when you pull the choke out a little bit?

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