Sorry to ask so many questions, but I really do appreciate the help guys. Upon starting my 1995 SL 750 today, I noticed that the MFD unit listed 13.5 volts and according to my studies this is low. I’ve studied up and found a sheet stating my ranges should be as follows:

Red/purple to yellow 0.6 ohms
white/yellow to black 220 ohms
Blue/red to white/red 90ohms
red/white to green/red 490ohms

from my understanding this is for the 780 but also works with almost all blue Fuji engines. So I would assume it could vary a bit.

my results on my unit are as follows:
1. Red/purple to yellow started at .6 but climbs to 2.2 over time
2. Blue/red to red white is about 90-93
3. White/yellow to black is 234
4. Red white to green red is 514.

For what it’s worth it seems I am pretty close to what should be excepted, except for my charging coil / red purple to yellow wire. My question is because I am very new to all this, what could cause this? I have no idea where to begin with a high number besides knowing that it’s likely not good! lol.

On my own little test experiment I tested “alternating current” on my tester and I went from the LR (regulator box) yellow wires along with a ground and that was showing 10-18 volts bouncing in the higher area mostly. When checking the actual battery itself it remains at about 12.5 - despite the mfd stating 13.5 volts.

I really have been reading a ton and found a lot of useful information but I am stumped for now on this one.

Thank you very much for any thoughts or suggestions.