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    S200 Taking on Water

    I figured I'd post this in here to since there is much more traffic then in the boat forum.

    Well I went out to Mudbugs today. The boat ran great and we just sat watching jet ski races most of the morning. Fired it back up and ran in for a few miles and then out of the no wake zone when I throttled up the port motor just tached up but no thrust like something was in the pump. I did a few of the normal things to clear the pump with no luck and then decided to get it up on plane and see if that would clear it up and it did. Boat ran good, cruised at 35-40 and then make a couple of WOT runs with the GPS at 60mph (I thought it should have been a little better with the new 4" intakes). When I went to take off from an idle again the port engine did the same thing. Figured I just jump in and see if something was stuck in the intake and that's when I noticed the water coming out of the bilge spout. I popped the hatch and there was water runing from under the engine to the back of the bilge. Not enough for the bilge pump to not keep up but a steady. Doesn't seem to do it when running because when I come off plane there is no water coming out but when stopped for a minute it starts back up.

    Could this be the driveshaft seal? I can't see anything abnormal looking in either end of the pump but I can't see up where the shaft goes into the boat. If it is would this be something that normal Sea Doo Warranty would cover?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Sounds like it could be since a bad carbon seal would also cause cavitation like it seems you may be experiencing.

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