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Thread: Tool retrievial

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    Tool retrievial

    Dropped 10mm wrench into hull & went straight under engine into the "well of no return".Could'nt be reached by hand or the "JC!" tool.
    So I placed 2 powerful ND magnets @ the bottom of hull in the general vicinity of wrench in well & pulled wrench right out of the "well"

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    there ya go! ...PR...

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    Out of interest, I was watching a local mechanic working on our ski. He had a piece of string attached to all his small spanners and tied the onther end to the engine lift eye. When he dropped the spanner, he could retriev it easily. I thought that was a good idea!

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    Yep the magnet is a great idea, good job.

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    I took the magnet off of the little bowl to hold your nuts and bolts that came with my socket kit and tied it to a string. That thing will pick up a whole tool box...

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    This is what I use. It has a magnet that can hold 5 pounds and it also has a light at the end for those dark areas underneath the engine. I use it in conjunction with a mirror.

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    You mean to tell me that I didn't need to pull out the engine?

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