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    2009 Yamaha FX SHO took on a MASSIVE amount of water. Need Help!!!

    Hi guys so today I was riding pretty hard when my wave runner started to bog down. The ski would only rev up about 3/4 of the way and accelerate really slowly. I lifted the seats and water was up to the top of the battery in the ski. Fearing I had a crack in my hull and I was going down, I ripped it to the nearest beach as fast as it would go and drained the water from the drain plugs. After this, ski would turn over but not start.

    My friend towed me back 10 miles where I lifted it out of the water. The whole ride back the ski didnít take on any water. Hull looked fine. Makes me believe some type of leak while the engine was running.

    Have water in in the oil. Any help would be great on where to start.

    Going to rinse out the ski and pull the plugs.

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    Pull plugs see if it turns over does water come out of the plug holes? Having water in oil is not good, change the oil till clean then replace filter also pull air box if filter wet bin it and replace, get some fogging oil into motor ASAP if you donít have any use a teaspoon of 2 stroke oil in cylinders and crack over without starting, could be a leak from exhaust or a cooling line come off but you can check that after you have motor oiled and hull drained (shop vac helps) and give it a good spray or fluid film etc

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    You will also need to remove the intercooler and supercharger if you have had water enter through the air filter

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