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Thread: Fuel problem

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    Fuel problem

    Fuel is crazy rich on the AFR guage it is 10.0 and also flatlines then it dies and runs really rough spuratitly or it could run really good and I can be in it at WOT and it will just shut off. I have the static pressure at 34 psi which is where ROB from LB motorsports had suggested that I put it (after he did the reflash several years ago),

    Is there a fuse able link somewhere in the fuel sending unit that can go bad causing it to stay open? I have the Riva fuel pump with relay on the ski.

    I just think somewhere something is wrong telling it to deliver more fuel than needed just not sure what to check/ test. Any ideas you might have would be great.


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    You might want to try to free air calibrate the 02 sensor, or replace it with a brand new one. If you’re getting 10.0 AFR, then you have way too much fuel, injector wise or pressure wise. You need to set the rising rate to around 11.7 to 11.9 at wide open throttle, regardless of the pressure.

    What are RRFPR are you using ?

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