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    01 GP1200R solenoid cycling

    Thanks for the add! I知 new to the PWC crowd and just picked up a 2001 GP1200R. I just replaced the battery yesterday. When I hooked up the battery the power valve solenoid?? cycled and all seemed fine. I was walking past the ski today and heard the check long sound again. I pulled the seat off and the solenoid just kept cycling. I started the ski up and this stopped. After I turned the ski off it just kept going. I知 at a loss and disconnected the battery.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I tried to insert a video but was unable to.

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    its not a solenoid its a power valve motor. has its own little circuit board. When it does that its one of 2 thing. the connector has corrosion and the pv motor constantly cycles or the pv motor it self is bad due to corrosion on the circuit board which then you have to replace the pv motor entirely. Clean the contacts at the connector first and hope that solves it. if not buy a used one. Just FYI all pv motors are the same but do have different connectors on them causing them to have different part numbers. if your handy you can swap out the connector if your doesnt match.

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    Thanks skittb!!! I figured it was something stupid. I am quite handy, I actually re-pinned a 88 computer into my old 85 Iroc to make it run better. And I’m restoring a 79 Donzi also.

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    I just spoke to The Jetski Store and they think it may be the kill switch.

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