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Thread: Oil in SVHO?

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    Oil in SVHO?

    What oil do you guys run in your SVHO skis?

    Was going to do an oil change on my dad's FZR for him and I'm trying to decide. He runs Motul in all his bikes (and I run it in my side by side) and they do have a marine-specific oil called "PowerJet" which is a 10W-40. I was thinking of running that, but Yamalube is pretty good too...

    Thanks in advance.

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    Just the standard Yamalube

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    mobil 1 synthetic 10w40 racing

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    10w 40 ams oil marine SYNTHETIC. and yes that specific one im using is fine for the charger clutch

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    Amsoil 10w40 marine

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    Awesome, another oil thread! Lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by seabrook View Post
    Just the standard Yamalube
    YamaLube 4W is for watercraft

    Not YamaLube 4M

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