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    Intercooler and fine tuning

    Hello all...

    Recently upgraded my 2005 Sportster to a Solas Impeller, had the supercharger rebuilt by Jerry and changed the plugs. Quick background on the boat... I've had it for three years now (this season starting the 4th). It has roughly 84 hours on it (last time it was at the dealer I paid the ridiculous diagnostic fee, but somehow they now claim they "didn't read the engine hours" so this is a rough estimate) and unfortunately sat all season last year due to an on-duty injury. It's stored in a climate controlled garage and is freshwater only.

    I've got the supercharger in and I'm pretty sure I torqued the three mounting screws over the 10 ft lb, but they aren't stripped. I've been told to just leave them be until I do another rebuilt. I'm still rather nervous on running it after the rebuild, but that's just because I'm OCD... at least that's what I tell myself. Being said, should I remove all three and torque to spec, or let them go?

    After the boat sat for a year, I unfortunately forgot to fog the cylinders when putting it up the year prior. I generally don't think about it, due to it being stored in a climate controlled garage. When I removed the old plugs, there was rust around the bottom of the threads, which caused some concern. Is this rust something typical of not fogging the cylinders two years prior or do I have a possible intercooler leak?

    I've looked for a video on pressure testing the intercooler with it still in the intake, and a video of removing the intake to get the intercooler out... nothing. Does anyone know of one?

    I noticed after installing the rebuilt supercharger and new plugs it idles slightly rough. Could this just be it burning off the fogging oil I put in and let sit for a day while re-installing the supercharger?


    Thank you!

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