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    Msx 140 top end kits

    Hi, I have a 03 msx 140 with fuel pressure issues Iím currently trying to fix, but Iím the meantime I know that I have about 90-95 psi across every cylinder (checked with 3 different gauges). It ran well when hot but is a bear to start and constantly shuts off at idle (injector voltage doesnít drop and nor does fuel pressure at idle) besides that I can only get about 6500rpm wot on a good day and Iím todos they should do 6800. So I checked around for top end kits and thereís 3 options I can find, the sbtís with the cast liners and apparently poor cylinder clearance as Iím told,
    this eBay seller who diamond hones stock Nikasil jugs.

    or these Wisecos ones which look a little shady.
    if anyone has tried these or has any other suggestions or just a plain good opinion. Thanks. And sorry about the rediculpisly
    long links.

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    there are brand new msx cylinders on ebay for 158.00 each thats the way i would go

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    Good find, that looks like a steal. Thanks. Now what would you guys reccomend for pistons

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