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    Mfd options for a 96 slt 780

    Hey all, new to the forum. Just picked up a 96 slt and am proceeding to restore the whole machine. The mfd has seen better days and I canít seem to find one on eBay. Question is, is there a mfd from maybe a newer year or some other custom aftermarket setup I could use? Thought about using the glove box and maybe installing analog gauges for fuel, oil, and temp. Any help greatly appreciated.

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    There is an MFD section at this link, which you might find useful

    All the Polaris MFD and MFI displays use the same basic signals and wiring. The 12-pin MFD uses different pins than the 8-pin and the 12-pin MFI (found on Virage and Genesis) also uses the same basic signals but also on different pins.

    Mr. GP1800 installed an MFI onto one of his ĎMFDí skis a few years back, posted a photo too. You might be able to hunt down those old posts.

    If you can get it mounted somehow, you can use the MFI display from a Virage, Genesis or even the NGI display from an MSX 140.

    The fuel and and oil level signals are marine standard variable resistances, 33 ohms = full and 240 ohms = empty.

    For the tachometer input, RPM = 10 times the AC pulse frequency on the Yellow wire. But Yellow wire has a 12 volt DC bias, so any aftermarket tach you use must be OK with that.

    HOT warning is just a switched signal to ground. Any LED lamp could be used.

    Some MFD will cause the engine to limit RPM (limp mode) when Low Fuel, Low Oil or perhaps HOT is detected. Not critical to recreate that.

    The tricky aspect is the speedometer. Polaris used a patented method sensing air pressure coming from a pitot sensor inside the pump tunnel. All Polaris models with a digital display can sense the air pressure, except for the NGI display on the MSX *

    * If you decide to use the NGI display, CANDooPro sells a GPS speed sensing module that plugs right in and shows GPS accurate speeds on the NGI screen. Costs money for that CANDooPro module though.

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    You should also be able to use the round Polaris MFD used on the 94 & 95 models, they use the same connector, they seem to hold up better than the style your ski came with.

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