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    Carbon Seal Installation Tips

    Want to replace the seals while I'm doing my pumps, are there any tips out there ? I've read compressing the boot to install the circlip is kinda painful. like a 3 or 4 hand job...

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    You really need some kind of a tool to compress the bellows and snap on the clip. I have a piece of hardwood flooring with a U cut out at one end, that end goes over the metal hat and then I use a small piece of lumber against the motor as leverage/pivot point. I also use a strap hooked to the top side of the "tool" and the other to a hook spot under the steering. This way I can crank it a bit to compress and expose the clip groove and have two free hands to install the clip, it's super tight in there on my PX.

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    I bet it's pretty tight in a ski hull, I have alot better access thankfully. I'll have to look into building something to compress that mess so I can use both hands for the snap ring, thanks for the response and tip ! Is it better to use OE parts or is a WSM kit good enough ?

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