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    I found this though. I'll try and see if it works..

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    Interesting..........I never would have thought to boil the gasket, but it makes some sense. If I run into the situation again, I'll have to give that method a try. At this point, I've kinda committed to the trimming method, so if this ISC ever fails, it seems as though the only recourse I'll have will be to either make my existing (trimmed) o-ring work, or I'll have to purchase a brand-new ISC that (hopefully) has the o-ring preinstalled from the factory. Just seems a little silly that the o-ring isn't available from Kawasaki as a separate purchaseable part, especially since it looks like all of the other o-rings/gaskets in the engine are.

    I suppose I could use RTV to form a seal as well (in place of the o-ring), but that seems a bit messier of a solution. The end game is to make an airtight seal against the throttle body, so in theory that should do the trick though.

    Another thought I had was that somewhere I'd heard that these are the same motors they use on their Ninja bikes. I wonder if I may have any luck searching for the replacement ISC o-ring from a Ninja parts catalog? Somehow I think not, since they're entirely different applications, but who knows?

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