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    2007 ultra 250 rpm issue

    New to kawa 250 x platform and having problem with ski turning over 7k rpm. I currently have installed new supercharger, sparkplugs, cleaned intercooler, checked hoses , and air intake horn. If I hold at wot I have around 10 to 11 pounds of boost and if I just hold at wot it will surge the rpms from 6700 to 7000 and engine will start to miss a little. Thanks for any help

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    Checked compression? Checked fuel pressure? Is fuel fresh? Supercharger belt new? Tension set properly? Why did it require a new supercharger?

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    New belt and tensioner the coating was apart on old supercharger that’s why I changed it. Have not done compression test are fuel pressure test yet any idea what the specs should be on both

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    Service manual says 43psi idling for fuel pressure. Also specifies 170-260 psi usable range at 430 rpm cranking speed. Hold the throttle open when doing this.

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    Do you know if it has a regular fuel injection test port?

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    it does not. Kawasaki has an adapter that goes between the hose and the injector rail. You could remove the plug in the other end of the rail and find fittings and attach a gauge there. Its a deadhead type system with no return (regulator is in the tank and dumps there) so putting a gauge there is fine. You may want to get a high quality fuel pressure gauge and leave it installed. Don't cheap out on the gauge because if it fails it won't be pleasant.

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    One other thing... On a compression test, worry more about variances than absolute numbers. Compression gauges are notoriously off with regard to actual numbers, but even a crap gauge is usually consistent. So if you get all four cylinders at 150psi +- 5%, your engine is most likely fine. I have had very good luck with the bosch compression gauge that comes with the "stick" adapter. Mine is dead on accurate. My only caution is, when you put the m10 adapter on the stick, remove the o ring from the stick and tighten it FIRMLY to the stick or else you will be putting loctite on the stick and leaving it to sit overnight hoping for good luck removing the adapter from down in the spark plug well. Also, I sent you a PM.

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    Ok will post what I find out another thing does this machine have a fuel filter are just a automotive style sock on the fuel pump

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    I had one doing that and it had a bad bypass valve. Funny thing is that same vakve worked just fine on his other ski.

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    can you tell me where that valve was located

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