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    Need Help Wake Edition way down on power?

    We've been riding our new wake edition for about 10+hrs now and we'er scheduled for the 10hrs service on monday. However after taking it for a spin today, it's way down on power and the supercharger "whine" is gone? The engine runs slightly rougher and has a hard time building rpm. This is probably an indication that the washers are gone right?

    I'll pull the inlet off tomorrow and check to see if the supercharger is free wheeling.

    I checked the oil, plugs and everything looks fine and clean. No warning lights have come one. I checked the intake grate and couldn't feel anything stuck in there.

    Any input/insight would be helpful. It's going in for service on monday, should I just upgrade to the metal washers? We ride exclusively in the ocean and in pretty rough water sometimes pretty far offshore.

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    Yeah, sounds like the cluth washers. These things just dsamn suck on the 07's!

    If your gona be riding in rough water, or any water for that matter, i would upgrade the clutch washers asap!

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    What RPM's are you seeing at WOT?If it's around 6500RPM washers are gone.

  4. #4's not building up to redline at wot...

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    Okay, I pulled the intake pipe off the supercharger like you guys suggested, and inspected the S/C impeller, the impeller is in good shape, no corrosion, but it does spin freely and easily with you fingers. This then indicates that the washers are gone.

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    Oh ya, there gone.

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    Okay...I dropped the one Wake off at service, I'll let you guys know what the problem(s) are when they take a look at it tomorrow. As of the moment it has 16hours on it.

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    Any new update?

    Got your ski back?

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    It is sad and pathetic that Sea-Doo has been making the supercharged motors for 3 years now and brand new ski's are still experiencing supercharger washer failures at an alarming rate with very low hours. Shame shame.


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    I agree. I work in the automotive industry, and when something this serious and widespread is discovered, companies don't even wait until the next year to fix it, nevermind 3 years!

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