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    Help me find a Waverunner!

    Long story short, I had a spark and didnít love it and sold it. I used to ride an fx cruiser and I loved it but theyíre out of my budget. Iím looking for a nice reliable Yamaha ski that will hit 60+ and Iíd like to be able to find one under 5k. Anyone have some good models I should look at? I love the gp1200 and 1300 but both are two strokes which Iíve never owned. Anyways, let me know your thoughts and thanks in advance!

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    The GPR's are very fun and reliable machines if they are cared for correctly. Do some research....they can be found pretty cheaply, even with all the reliability mods done to it. Prolly going to part with mine in a year or two...someone will get a great deal on a great ski when I sell it!

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    Would be good to list your location.

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