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    Made my first run on RXP... bad news

    I drove my RXP for the first time today. I bought it used a few days ago. Everything was going fine but about an hour into it, an engine check light came on. I immidiatly stopped and checked the oil which was fine. I let it sit for a little out on the water.

    Then I headed back to my dock. 5 min later at about 6k RPM the light comes on again. When I tried to go past 5k RPM the engine made really weird sounds so i kept it at 4k. I finanly made it back to my dock going 30 mph....

    whats wrong?

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    Well the very first thing to check would be those stupid supercharger clutch washers. Take the inlet off of the charger and see if you can spin the impeller by hand. If so there's your problem.

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    I would take it back and get your money back. 3 days buyers remorse in most states.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LiquidDI View Post
    I would take it back and get your money back. 3 days buyers remorse in most states.
    I bought it used

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    Quote Originally Posted by konabiker47 View Post
    I bought it used
    Can you describe the wierd sound ?

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    Dosent sound like SC clutch washers. If they fail it will not make weird noises and that will not set a check eng light. What year are you? Find out which trouble code was set.

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