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    Question Regarding 2018+ 1.8 HO and Ribbon Delete

    I purchased a 2018 VXR last year and so far have swapped the factory ride plate for a 2019 VXR/GP1800 ride plate, and installed a Riva Power Filter with a catch-can. Ski went from 60-61 stock on Candoo GPS to 62-63 with those mods (in hot muggy weather). I'd be happy with 64-65 on GPS.

    Now I have not done the ribbon delete because I am semi-confused on the issue. I know the 2018+ SVHOs require the ribbon be cut out of the intake due to an updated design; I was under the impression the HO was the same. Is that not the case? Is the ribbon delete the same for the 2018-2019 HOs as it was for 2015-2017 HOs?

    Also, does the Riva Power Filter act as a sufficient flame arrester in case of back-fire? I've seen other filters such as the Macboost and K&N factory Yamaha replacement listed as marine-approved flame arresters, but nothing for certain on the filter with the Riva kit. My assumption is that it is, but I would like to know I have some level of protection to not blow me up if the engine happened to belch out the intake.

    Thanks in advance.

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    The 2018 NA manifold is not like on the supercharged. The below ribbon delete is what you will use.
    The K&N filter used in the Riva kit acts as a flame arrestor.

    RIVA Yamaha SVHO/SHO/HO Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit Naturally Aspirated Skis

    Our Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit enables your SHO engine to produce more horsepower by delivering increased air flow and boost pressure (+1lb)....
    RY12040-IMUK $39.95

    RIVA VXR/VXS FX HO Power Filter Kit 2012-19

    Our Power Filter feeds your Yamaha HO engine a steady diet of cool air delivering greatly improved acceleration and rpm. Replaces restrictive stock...
    RY13062 $219.95

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    Thanks Jerry. That's what I needed to know. I actually had a sleeve on my shelf already, so I just did the swap and ran it on the hose and all seems well.

    I appreciate the info!

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    Jerry you need both those items right? Power filter kit doesn't delete the ribbon correct?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gsxr1300 View Post
    Jerry you need both those items right? Power filter kit doesn't delete the ribbon correct?
    No it does not. You will need the ribbon delete and the filter kit. I just did this to mine at the end of the season.

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    Thanks any noticeable gains?

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    You'll gain a little bit in acceleration and top end. As well as a good amount of noise from the intake.

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