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    2001 Seadoo GTX DI or 1999 Yamaha xl1200

    I been looking at these 2 for a while online, and they both seem to be in my price range. Just wondering if I can get some help in the deciding of which one I can get. Both are 2 stroke, yamaha has more power than the seadoo, and both are 3 seaters. My buddy with a xl1200 tops out about 57ish, and I have read reaviews on the Seadoo that they can top 60+.

    I want something fast, sturdy, and reliable.

    What would you pick and why?
    Im going to post this in the yamaha forum as well to see what they say!

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    I don`t have any experience with the Yammi, but I have had a 951 DI in an RXDI, so the older GTX hull is very good from what I`ve been told and the 951 DI is a great 2 stroke. If it were me , I`d prolly go with the GTX...
    ask to see or check for any maintainance issues or stored codes. If the original owner took good care of the machine and it was serviced propoerly than it should work out good for ya!...PR...

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    I bought my 1999 xll1200 3 months ago, and i must say i love it. i am a big fat guy (390 lbs lol yes for real) and with a few mods my top gps # is 63.8 in 75 degree air temp. it is very stable. and not too bad on gas either. I do not know much about sea doo but yamaha make a pretty good ski for the money. all together i have under 4500 bucks in my ski with mods and a bran new single trailer and a used double trailer. not bad for almost 64mph.

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