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    787 carbs on 657.

    Anyone ever done this? Have a set of 787 carbs and thinking the bigger carb should flow more and fuel without any modifications. Going on a 94 spx for tr the girlfriend.

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    how will a bigger carb flow more fuel on a naturally aspirated engine?

    The venturi effect will be reduced and you'll actually run dangerously lean

    they won't be a bolt on to a 717 engine anyhow

    don't believe everything you read on the other forums

    you'd get a more noticeable improvement putting fresh coat of wax on the skis bottom and making sure the pump is in tip top shape

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    I'm a new okd member. I'm relating to the 91 650sx I had and made huge improvements going with a bigger carb.
    Also a slightly rough hull will create air bubbles on the bottom and run faster than a waxed hull.

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