Hi all! I just purchased my first ski a few weeks ago, a 1999 Kawasaki Ultra 150. It has roughly 166 hours on it and a new jet pump. On the test drive the ski started up fine and ran great. The first time I took it out on the water, it took a little to while start up, but eventually started and ran great. Second time I took it out on the water, I let it idle as coming into the dock and it immediately died. I couldn't get it started after this. After some time out of the water, I tried to start it again, nothing but bogged down low rumbling. I took all of the spark plugs out, cleaned them, poured a little gas in, and tried to start. It fired very breifly, but once I let go of the throttle, it died. All the electronics work, and the engine turns over, it just won't fire. It sounds like it's bogged down? Or not getting any fuel?

I would appreciate any advice/thoughts on what could be the issue. Do you think this is an idle issue? A compression test was done prior to purchase and everything checked out. Thank you in advance for your help!