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    Stx15f aftermarket fuel gauge

    Can someone point me to a fuel gauge that will work with the oem sender? 2004 15f . If not a sender and a gauge if possible.


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    You can use fuel gauges

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    Its a long shot, but maybe the setup from a ZXI? You will need both the sending unit and the gauge btw. The resistance values are different. The STX-15f ranges from 8k ohm empty to 0 ohm full. An 1100zxi ranges from 84 ohms empty to 10 ohms full.

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    See that’s my issue can’t find a simple digital gauge that supports 8kohms. I heard others on here had some sort of combo work, but can’t seem to get the answer.

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    You can try this:
    [US$10.46]2 In 1 Motorcycle LED Digital Speedometer Tachometer Oil Fuel Gauge Motorcycle from Automobiles & Motorcycles on

    Probably need to rtv the crap out of it and accept that it wont last more than a season or two.

    I really wanna try this:

    [US$122.58]85mm GPS Speedometer Oil Pressure Fuel Gauge Tachometer with Antenna Motorcycle from Automobiles & Motorcycles on

    I just have to sit down and build a buzzer interface so I know if there is trouble.

    I have modeled a gauge blanking plate for the 12f/15f. I need to 3d print a test piece

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    What I was suggesting was to fit an earlier zxi gauge and sending unit to your ski. Those are super easy to find.

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    Stx15f aftermarket fuel gauge

    This is what the gauge says on the instructionsWorks with... GM 0-90 ohms, Ford / Chrysler 73-10 ohms, VDO 10-180 ohms and Stuart Warner / Universal 240-33 ohmsThere is a switch on the back of the gauge for the ohms. and 2 wires u can cut to work with the right ohm..Can I wire it straight to the sending unit? Or i I need the piece on the back of the cluster?

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