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    Angry 2003 FX 140 Cruiser intermittent no start

    I have a 2003 FX 140 Cruiser that early this season decided not to start sometimes. There's no click, or beep or anything that I can find. When it fires, it runs great, but when you turn it off, it may not start. It's like the battery was removed. The screen doesn't come on, nothing. I took the battery in for a load test and it's great (just under a year old anyway) and is showing ~13 volts. I did find a blown 1amp fuse which I swapped out but that hasn't fixed it. Can I bypass the kill switch or jump the starter solenoid? I'm not so much a motor guy (limited to doing my own maintenance). Any advice? Thanks in advance

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    Beuler? Anyone? Got this thing sitting on the lift until I can get to it; hoping not to have to take it to a shop...

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    Quote Originally Posted by luvmyyamaha View Post
    ... hoping not to have to take it to a shop...
    what have you done to diagnose the problem?

    I am not familiar with your model, but the basic first steps would be the same for most watercraft.

    When the problem happens, there is no click from the start solenoid, no signs of electrical life at all, correct?

    Remove and clean both ends of both battery cables. Look for signs of corrosion, loose connection, signs of heat at a cable end, that sort of thing. Clean both battery posts and the bolts that hold the cable to the post.

    You want clean metal to clean metal contact. Do not smear dielectric grease on the various exposed cable connections until after you have resolved the problem.

    Check the connection(s) where the rest of the electrical system gets itís power from the heavy red battery cable.

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    Hi impedance faults can cause havoc on these skis, check the engines ground connections as well as terminals and cables for breaks or damage

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    Thanks for the replies. The connections are in great shape--so are the cables though it's impossible to tell without pulling them completely out. The ski has about 140 hours total (not many for its age) and up until now has run great. I read about issues with the kill switch circuit but just am not sure where to probe next.
    Thank you

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    Not sure about on an FX140, but there should be a wire going from the start button to a solenoid... that would definitely be another reason. Does the screen normally come on without the engine turning over?

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    Trace the left hand-control wire on the inside the hull, should be a connector you can disconnect/inspect/probe/etc...., even jumper-start - if you know what you are doing.

    I have once had an accumulation of carbon soot on the starter button contactor. I imagine this could equally happen to the lanyard contacts as well - worth a look perhaps. So if you were once good at building plastic model cars as a kid, you might have the skillz to take apart that left hand-control assembly, get to the button mechanisms, and take that apart too (Disclaimer : tiny screws & springs).

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    have had this issue on vx110s. Almost always the switch, especially if its a high hour boat. The start button doesnt wake up the ski at all, if you leave it alone and hit it again or hit it over and over it fires off normal. Switch swap and life is good.

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