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    It all depends on where and how you ride. Iíve had a 2012 rxpx as well as a spark. The rxpx was boring as hell on our small lake. There is only so much straight line acceleration runs you can do. The spark was much more fun. I was set to sell it and buy a Trixx, but ended up buying a cherry 94 waveblaster.

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    Im in the same situation . I have a 16 rxtx 300 and im looking for something more playful but i would never consider a wife has a kawi stx 15 f but that doesnt do it for me considering a gtrx 230

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    GTR is a fun ski for sure. We have a wake 155 and it is awesome.

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    Keep it and get a xpl I would say it's more fun than the spark. Cheaper and if it breaks 2 strokes are cheap to fix

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    Either trade it for a P-X or buy a small 2 stroke if you donít mind turning wrenches. The lack of power will likely leave you bored coming off a 300.

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    Go for it... I’d give anything to see your face once you have ridden it! Seriously, the GTR-X 230 (or any GTI hull) has a very playful hull. Fun to toss around.
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    I would seriously just consider buying a second ski, a used Spark or go old school. RXT-X can be plenty fun in a different way. Maybe even buy a used Yamaha stand up. At least there you got something completely different and fun.

    Sparks are fun but just like going fast in straight line gets boring so does the Spark. Heaven forbid you actually have to take it on a long ride somewhere or ride in any kind of chop. To me the spark is great second ski to fart around on or have the kids go hog wild on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wilton View Post
    I'm tired of going fast in a straight line I want somthing more playful thinking about trading in on a 2019 trix but have never road one. I don't want a rxp to much money
    Here's a big question, how old are you? We have both an RXT X 300 and a Spark TRIXX and I find the TRIXX way too busy of a ride. I've been riding for 20 years and I'm just not into the constant rider input to keep the TRIXX in a straight line. Lots of fun, YES, but not for me every day.

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