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    2007 Seadoo Gtx beeps with no key

    Good Day everyone. This is my first post to the forum. I just purchased a 2007 GTX 215 Limited. The display is burned out which I understand is normal for these due to sun exposure. My ski starts and runs fine but my problem is that when you pull out the dess key when engine is off it will give a short beep followed by long beep. It will do this every 15 seconds or so. You can also here a servo motor near gas tank cycling through with each beep. Ultimately my guess is it will kill the battery so in order to stop it I have to either disconnect dess connection under the hood or pull battery cable. I read in the forum that this pattern of beeps is referencing diagnostic mode. Any thoughts on how to correct this?

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    Need to replace your dess post and it will fix that

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    That is kind of what I was hoping. Strange that it still operates as normal. I will take it off tonight to inspect for corrosion. Thank you!

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    I dont suppose you have a source for used clusters do you?

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    If changing the DESS post doesn’t fix it, it might be a bad ECU. If it starts acting funny and giving fault codes, you’ll have to find an ECU for it.

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    Let's hope that is not the case. Is it possible I just need to remove from diag. Mode? Or should it automatically do that each time lanyard is pulled?

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    So in addition to a cluster does anyone have an ecu they want to part with?

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    In my experience Dess Post rarely cause this issue. It's a cheaper fix to try than the ECU though.

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    May just deal with it before I shell out 700 for an ecu

  11. #10 I started digging some more and realized not only does ski continue running after pulling lanyard off but unplugging the harness also does not kill the motor. Only hitting the stop switch shuts it off

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